Asia Specific Enterprises

Established in 1994, Asia Specific Enterprises, Ltd. (ASE) provides value-added services to the Contract Office Furniture and related industries world-wide.

Our success in this field is based on over 20 years of product development experience and a deep understanding of Asian manufacturing capabilities & culture.

Our comprehensive network of quality manufacturing partners and their respective Engineering and R&D Departments allows ASE to provide our clients with a low cost, low-risk solution to product development and manufacturing in Asia.

We can also provide mechanical components and subassemblies as used in a range of other industries, such as home appliance, construction, hand tools, medical, automotive, and automation.


How we work with our clients

Beginning with drawings, concepts or functional requirements provided by our clients we identify the most appropriate source from our comprehensive network of manufacturers in Asia.

Working with the client and selected supplier(s) we develop prototypes/samples. On approval, we manage all aspects of the production process from scheduling to QC/QA to logistics across the lifecycle of the product.

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How we add value

  • Leverage existing relationships with low-cost Asian manufacturing to meet client cost objectives.
  • Identify appropriate suppliers / supply chain from within the ASE network of accredited suppliers or develop new suppliers as-needed.
  • Develop manufacture and export high- quality/precision components, component assemblies and/ or finished product to our clients globally.
  • Provide expert input throughout the development process, advising clients per: material selection, part and tool design, relevant manufacturing technologies with the goal of isolating potential problem areas and/or optimizing product design to reduce manufacturing costs and improve manufacturability.
  • Maintain clear communications with the client throughout the development and production process, through to final shipment.
  • Build infallible Quality Assurance Protocols.
  • Enforce Quality Control Standards through rigorous manufacturing Process Controls. Conduct In-Line and Final Inspections to AQL, MILSPEC or client-advised standards.
  • Drive improved Time to Market, Reduced Product Development Overheads, Expert / Cost Competitive Production.
  • Facilitate On-Time delivery and Consistent High Quality Product.

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What we do

  • Draw on an extensive manufacturing supply chain, produce components from various industries and multiple vendors, consolidating at a central facility for final assembly/packaging and testing.
  • Enable a seamless liaison between the client and potential Asian suppliers, including supply-side engineers, production managers, factory floor managers, QC/QA Departments, raw material suppliers, etc.
  • Conduct regular 3rd party audits of our supply chain partners. Track and maintain supplier ratings based on their relative performance – suppliers that do not maintain operations to a high standard are removed from our list of accredited suppliers.
  • Monitor progress and inform clients of on-site developments from pre-production through to final shipment.

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